Residency Program Consultation Council

Residency Program Consultation Council (RPCC)

We can assist in determining the reasons behind any adverse actions promulgated by the ACGME and help your program correct any deficiencies; such as:

1.  Warnings from the respective RRC
2.  Probationary Accreditation and Resolution of Citations
3.  Progress Reports
4.  Period of Accreditation Less than Ideal

A team of experts including former members of the Residency Review Committee in the specific specialty will provide a 1-2 day site visit to the health care facility. They will review the results of the Residency Review Committees report and your program; paying specific attention to the warnings and citations.

They will interview all residents, attendings, the Program Director and others specific to the department, such as the Chairman of the Department, the Designated Institutional Officer (DIO) and the Chair of your Institutional GME Committee. The purpose of the consultation is to determine whether the issues preventing the program from being in substantial compliance can be improved and recommendations can be made for compliance with published standards.

A report will be sent to the Program Director and Designated Institutional Officer.

The members of Residency Program Consultation Council have no current relationship with the ACGME, nor have they any influence in the decisions promulgated by the representative review committee RRC’s.