Peer Review of Physicians

Physician Peer Review

We address issues involving a single patient care incident, a specific procedure, or the activities of an entire practice. Our in-depth analysis of the problems involve a tailored review to determine which quality indicators may be of concern and makes suggestions for solutions. When the standards of quality of care come into question, a review can commence after we receive an inquiry detailing the physician’s activities and privileges.

Our approach is to adapt to the specific needs dictated by the situation…

When performing a practice review our experts can look at specific charts with identified problems in order to render a reliable assessment of a physician’s competence under the questions raised. Upon request, a statistically significant sample of a year or more of clinical records can be reviewed.

In the case of serious disciplinary action, such as revocation or limitation of privileges, an option of two independent specialist reviews are available. Our Executive Director, with many years of medico-legal experience, can assist in determining the appropriate selection of charts and design of the review.

Following the peer review analysis of all relevant clinical materials, an on-site evaluation may be helpful. At the request of the institution, reviewers may meet with individual physicians and also observe practice techniques. The on-site visit provides an objective examination by the reviewers of patterns of patient care. Being on-site enables reviewers to gain further insight into problems and to assist with making targeted recommendations. They can then counsel physician(s) as to their findings and suggest any appropriate changes in technique and practice management.

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