Scholarship Announcement

Sur­gi­cal Telementoring Scholarship Announcement
SAGES Sleeve Gastrectomy Project

For Bariatric Surgeons performing Sleeve Gastrectomy who wish to apply for a scholarship to participate in a performance improvement program. Through a generous educational grant from the American Medical Foundation for Peer Review and Education, SAGES is announcing a novel preceptorship and proctoring program for improvement of skills in Sleeve Gastrectomy, utilizing telementoring.

For the first time in the United States, two medical societies, SAGES and ASMBS, will offer telementoring as a method for qualified Bariatric surgeons to improve their laparoscopic skills and overall performance improvement in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. The qualifying surgeon applicant must have some experience and is actively performing some sleeve gastrectomy procedures.

Since the necessity of travel is the major limiting step in the preceptorship or proctoring process, this telementoring program is expected to eliminate the drawbacks of travels and time away from work and family for both the surgeons (preceptee) and the expert surgeon (preceptor). This telementoring program consists of 3 steps, an on-line didactic learning experience, preceptorship with case observation, and finally proctoring of two cases by an expert surgeon. The surgeons selected for this program will receive free of charge didactic on-line resources. The surgeon will then observe experienced faculty performing laparoscopic gastric sleeve gastrectomy through a unique telementoring technology with two-way video and audio live communication. After the case observation, the expert surgeon will telementor the preceptee for two cases. Upon completion of the program, the preceptee will be required to submit outcomes report for his or her next series of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy cases for review.

If you have interest in this telementoring project, please contact for an application to support this educational opportunity

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